Felix Cherubini's Research Page

Hi, I am Felix Cherubini (birth name: Felix Wellen) and this is my research website.

What my Research is About

I am interested in application of Homotopy Type Theory (HoTT) to Differential and Algebraic Geometry and, more generally, I want to know how well HoTT can help to make current research in pure mathematics more understandable. The synthetic algebraic geometry project I am currently working on, can be viewed here.


Articles and Drafts

Abstracts/Presented Ideas



I gave a hottest talk on synthetic algebraic geometry. There third workshop on this topic has a couple of recordings.

Here is an overview of video recordings of talks about topics related to (differential) cohesive HoTT:

This one might be the best place to start, if you want to understand the general direction of what I am interested in.

This one focuses on the cartan geometry from my thesis.

Those were tutorials 2 and 6, here is the complete list:

Tutorial 1 Dan Licata: A Fibrational Framework for Modal Simple Type Theories

Tutorial 2 Felix Wellen: The Shape Modality in Real cohesive HoTT and Covering Spaces

Tutorial 3 Dan Licata: Discrete and Codiscrete Modalities in Cohesive HoTT

Tutorial 4 Felix Wellen: Discrete and Codiscrete Modalities in Cohesive HoTT, II

Tutorial 5 Dan Licata: A Fibrational Framework for Modal Dependent Type Theories

Tutorial 6 Felix Wellen: Differential Cohesive HoTT

Employment history


You can use the address felix.cherubini[at]posteo.de to contact me.